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Topo Stop E250 – One of the most effective ultrasonic scarers on the market. Unit for harsh environments. Against mice and rats.

  • For 250m² of open space
  • 3D-VOX ultrasound with two modes
  • Proven model that has been refined and on the market for 25 years.
  • Over 7000 satisfied customers in the Nordics
  • Made in the EU


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Topo Stop E250 has long been one of the most efficient ultrasonic devices on the market and fits in most environments.

This product is suitable for most house types up to 250 m². Best placed in the cold attic, the crawl space, the basement, or directly in the living space. Random sound output for efficient 3D-VOX ultrasound.

LEVEL 1 is on a frequency between 25-30 kHz and covers up to 150m². Recommended in inhabited spaces such as basements, cold attics, crawl spaces and garages.

LEVEL 2 is on a frequency between 6-9 kHz and covers up to 250m². Recommended for uninhabited houses and premises as this extra effective frequency can be perceived as disturbing and emits a clearly audible howling sound.

Professional design with weather-resistant speakers for installation in cold and humid spaces.

How fast TOPO STOP E250 gives results depends on the degree of pest. The effect can usually be noticed on the treated area in 2-4 weeks. Reaching full effect can take 4-6 weeks. In rooms with a high level of pests, you may need to supplement with other types of pest equipment.

If the rodents seem to have increased, they do not have it! Your experience is simply due to the fact that they are stressed and therefore more active after the installation of TOPO STOP E250. The increasing activity shows that the animals are strongly influenced by the sound.

Topo Stop E250 can also be connected in series as required with additional Topo Stop and Mole Stop units with the same transformer (see Accessories – Extension cable 20M).

  • Complete incl. 230V / 9V transformer with 2 m cable.
  • Power 3 W. CE marked.
  • Dimensions: W100 x D75 x H124 mm
  • Weight: 220 g.
  • Proven models that have been refined and been on the market for 25 years.
  • Made in the EU


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