Mouse & Rat STOP Mesh, width 5 cm (20 m roll) 1611 Kategorier: ,

Flexible and universally applicable repellent mesh for sealing cracks and crevices. Pest proof and yet ventilating sealing. High quality material stainless steel 316. Durable and weather resistant.


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  • High quality material stainless steel 316
  • Durable and weather resistant
  • Repels mice, rats, martens and birds
  • Flexible material to process
  • Easy to cut to size and model into the right shape

Many cracks and crevices in construction work also function as ventilation facilities. The disadvantage of this is that vermin can get in. With TEKKSTEEL Mouse & Rat STOP 5 cm mesh, the vermin stay outside and ventilation is maintained.

Mouse & Rat STOP netting is suitable for the ventilating sealing of holes and cracks in roof tiles, ridge gratings, fascias, façade plating, ducts and pipelines. It is also ideally suited for open cavities under roof connections or for the flexible sealing of dilatation joints in walls that have been kept open.

The material is extremely durable and weather resistant. The fine thread structure makes it easy to process. It can be folded and rolled into all kinds of shapes. The mesh is easy to cut to size with scissors.

In order to determine how much mesh is needed and how it should be folded and cut to size, the choice of fixing method is also important. Depending on the surface, the accessibility and the degree of visibility, mounting can be done with sealant, nails or screws. It is also possible to clamp it with slats or simply press it between something.

When using Mouse & Rat STOP Mesh, you need approximately 10% more than the measured length in which you apply it.

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