SECTOR Ultrasonic Pest Repeller on battery

SECTOR Battery-powered ultrasonic scare against rats, mice, spiders, mosquitoes, flies. fleas and other insects.


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SECTOR Ultrasonic pest repeller on battery is powered by 2 9V batteries, which enables extra long intervals between battery changes. Ideal for premises without electricity and winter storage of caravans, motorhomes or vintage cars.

The use of ultrasonic scales to repel pests is proven in pest control. With sufficient intensity and duration of ultrasound sound wave can attack the hearing and nervous system of most common insects and rodents.

SECTOR Ultrasonic pest repeller projects a direct frequency of 25,000 Hz to 26,000 Hz for 0.3 seconds 4 seconds apart. It will affect the pests and they will never get used to the undulating signal from the device. Pests will hear ultrasound for 0.3 seconds after every 4 second interval, which strongly attack their hearing and nervous systems. Pests can not get used to it but therefore move out.

SECTOR Ultrasonic pest repeller needs two 9V alkaline batteries. Battery life is normally 6-8 months during 24 hours of continuous operation depending on the capacity of the batteries. Effective cover area for mice and rats is approx. 200-250 m2. For fleas, cockroaches and other smaller insects are about 100 m2. free. Because it is powered by a battery, the unit can be installed in all places, especially good place for dead corners, space without wall sockets nearby, such as inside closets, cold attic, storage, barn and also inside motorhomes, caravans and vintage cars during winter storage thanks to dual batteries which allows long operating time! In addition, the device can be installed anywhere either hanging in its loop or just placing it on the floor.

How quickly SECTOR Ultrasonic pest repeller gives results depends on the degree of pest. Usually, the effect can be noted on the treated area of 2-4 weeks on the treated area. Reaching full effect can take 4-6 weeks. In rooms with a high level of pests, you may need to supplement with other types of pest equipment.

Diameter: Ø108 m.

Height: 24 mm

Frequency range: 25,000 Hz to 26,000 Hz

Coverage area: 200-250 m2 (open space)

Battery: 9V DC battery X 2 (not included)

Sound pressure: 130 dB


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