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SNAP Mouse trap 2 pcs


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SNAP Mouse trap 2 pcs

Thanks to the integrated attractant, the mouse or rat trap SNAP is immediately ready for use, no additional bait is required. Thanks to the clever protection mechanism, the trap only snaps shut when the mouse lifts the flap under which the bait is located. This prevents it from snapping shut if, for example, a cat’s paw steps into the trap.

The trap is simply opened by pressing it and then only needs to be set up in the desired location, parallel to the wall. If a mouse or rat falls into the trap, it can be easily removed without having to touch the animal directly. Simply clean the plastic afterward – and the trap is ready for use again.

TRAP WITH SPECIAL ATTRACTANT – Unlike conventional traps, no additional bait is necessary initially.

CLEVER PROTECTION MECHANISM – Snaps shut only after the bait flap is raised.

EASY REMOVAL – The mouse or rat can be removed from the trap without being touched directly.

REUSABLE – The special attractant acts as a long-lasting and refillable bait.

HIGH-QUALITY PLASTIC – Durable and easy-to-clean trap.


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