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SHIELD Pest repeller battery​ ultrasonic, 60m², helps you to get a mouse and rat-free home.


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SHIELD Pest repeller battery​ ultrasonic, 60m²

Creates a mouse and rat-free home. Keeps pests (mice, rats, spiders, fleas, ticks and crawling insects) away from your home, garage, loft, etc. by emitting ultrasonic signals.

Protects a maximum area of 60 m². The protected area diminishes considerably depending on the congestion in the room and the materials making up the walls, floors and ceilings.

Device for indoor use with an operating indicator light.

Battery-operated (4 x “LR14”) Battery life up to 100 days. (Battery not included)

Emits ultrasonic signals round the clock.

Effectiveness visible after 1-2 weeks.

Ideal for places with no electrical power supply (garden shelters, lofts, cellars, holiday homes, etc.).

Operates intermittently to reduce power consumption.

Safe for dogs, cats, birds and fish.

With a frequency exceeding 20 kHz, the ultrasonic signals emitted cannot be heard by humans, dogs, cats, birds, fish, or farm animals.

They disrupt the hearing of mice, which feel unsafe and leave the protected area after a few weeks.


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