LARGO Pest Repeller Ultrasonic 280m²

LARGO Pest Repeller Ultrasonic 280m²


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LARGO Pest Repeller Ultrasonic 280m²

Keeps pests (mice, rats, spiders, fleas, ticks and crawling insects) away from your home, garage, loft, etc. by emitting ultrasonic signals.

Protects a maximum area of 280 m². The protected area diminishes considerably depending on the congestion in the room and the materials making up the walls, floors and ceilings.

Device for indoor use with operating indicator light.

Simply plugs into a 220 V power socket with its 2 metre power supply cable. With this cable, the device can be ideally located.

2 loudspeakers.

Energy consumption: 2.9 Watts.

The effect is visible after 72 hours for mice and 2 weeks for rats.

Several possible frequency and intensity adjustments.

Place the device between 5 and 50 cm above the ground, plug it in using the power supply cable, and leave it to emit ultrasonic signals around the clock.

Audible at certain settings.

To speed up the repellent effect or in cases of a strong infestation, activate controllers 2 and 3 and make the device operate on an audible setting.

The effectiveness of ultrasonic signals, demonstrated by independent laboratories, disrupts the hearing of the targeted rodents.

Unable to identify dangers and feeling unsafe, rats and mice leave the protected area.

Dormice and garden dormice, accustomed to hibernate in lofts and attics, can no longer hibernate there when the weather turns cold in atumn.


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