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Allows early detection of any bed bug infestation.


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The bed bug glue trap is an effective tool to monitor and identify the presence of bed bugs in your home. The trap is designed to be easy to use and provides clear indications of possible bedbug activity.

The trap has a textured and sticky surface that attracts and traps bedbugs. It also has a transparent lid for easy observation and is made of robust plastic. Each pack contains four glue traps, allowing for coverage of up to 15-20 square meters.

Placing glue traps around your home to catch bedbugs requires care and strategic placement. Here are some steps to effectively use glue traps to catch bedbugs:

  1. Understand bedbug movement patterns: Before placing glue traps, try to understand how bedbugs move. They are usually active during the night and search for their hosts (humans or animals) to suck blood. They hide in cracks, crevices and other hiding places near their host animals.
  2. Identify locations of activity: If you have noticed bed bug activity, such as bites or blood stains on bedding, note where this has occurred. This can help you focus on places where you place glue traps.
  3. Place glue traps near the bed: Since bedbugs are usually active when people are sleeping, it is best to place the glue traps near the bed. You can put them along the legs of the bed or between the mattress and the spring mattress at the foot end.
  4. Use multiple traps: Use multiple glue traps at the same time to increase your chances of catching bedbugs. Place them in different parts of the room, especially near the places where you suspect the bedbugs are hiding.
  5. Be patient: Bedbugs can take a few days or weeks to stick to the glue traps. Be patient and check the traps regularly. If you notice trapped bedbugs, make sure to destroy the trap safely and take measures to combat the infestation, such as contacting a professional pest controller.
  6. Replace the traps: Glue traps can lose their stickiness over time or if they become dusty. Replace the traps when you notice that they are less effective.
  7. Continue with other measures: Glue traps are an aid in detecting bedbugs, but they are not a complete solution for getting rid of an infestation. You should still take other measures, such as washing and cleaning, using insecticides, and possibly hiring a professional exterminator if the problem is serious.

Remember that effective bed bug control can be challenging and requires patience and persistent efforts.

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