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This discrete and – above all – hygienic trap keeps your home free from flies 24/7.


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Depending on the number of flies and interior temperature, the odourless glue trap lasts up to 60 days. Easily attached to the corner of a window or a balcony door’s glass pane thanks to pre-manufactured double-sided adhesive strip.

Stick tabs together, remove protective foil from trap and adhesive strip and attach trap to the corner of a window or balcony door.

  • Decorative, hygienic glue trap to catch flies in interior areas
  • Flies discretely disappear into the environmentally friendly cardboard trap
  • Free from insecticides, odourless and strongly adhesive glue surface with long-term effect up to 60 days
  • Harmless to children and pets
  • Double-sided adhesive strip to attach trap to glass surfaces

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