CATCHY Insect lantern Solarpowered 20m² 3012 Kategori:

Eliminates flies, mosquitoes, moths, etc.


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CATCHY Insect lantern is a multifunctional lantern powered by solar energy.

It has decorative white LEDs for illumination and UV LEDs for attracting flying insects, which are then electrocuted on the grid.

The lantern emits low-power light with the LEDs. With the UV LEDs, it emits specific ultraviolet radiation for attracting nocturnal insects, particularly mosquitoes. After charging for one day in the sun, the CATCHY Insect lantern operates for a minimum of 6 hours in UV LED mode and up to 20 hours in traditional LED mode. A high-voltage grid surrounds the LED lamps. Mosquitoes are killed when they approach the light.

Comes in 4 colours and are sold unsorted: black, lime, yellow or fuchsia.

LED UV technology.

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