MINI Pest Repeller Ultrasonic 3×45 m²

MINI Pest Repeller Ultrasonic 3×45 m²


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MINI Pest Repeller Ultrasonic 3×45 m²

Keeps pests (mice, rats and crawling insects) away from your home, garage, loft, etc. and protects an area of up to 45 m² by emitting ultrasonic signals.

Repels: Small rodents (Mice, Field mice, etc.) – Ticks – Fleas – Crawling insects

Device for indoor use with operating indicator light.

Plugs into the mains (220V).

Emits ultrasonic signals round the clock.

Effectiveness is visible after s few days.

Energy consumption: Maximum 0.62 Watts.

Safe for dogs, cats, birds and fish. With a frequency exceeding 20 kHz, the ultrasonic signals emitted cannot be heard by humans, dogs, cats, birds, fish, or farm animals.

They disrupt the hearing of mice, which feel unsafe and leave the protected area after a few weeks.


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