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TOPO STOP 2.0 R100 vibration sound against mice, rats, bats. Professional control of pests in walls and floors up to 100 m² building area.


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News! Version 2.0 with touch control directly on the device, for adjustable vibration strength.

Topo Stop R100 är mycket effektivt mot ovälkomna gäster i exempelvis kallvind eller fasaden.

Very suitable when pest entry routes cannot be covered with ultrasonic devices.

Topo Stop R100 is very effective against unwelcome guests in, for example, cold winds or the facade. Also effective for pallet racks and shelves. Can also be used to advantage in holiday homes, motorhomes or caravans during the winter and for winter storage. The model has a fully audible sound that sounds much like an old refrigerator. The intensity and sound can be reduced using the touch function on the device.

How fast TOPO STOP R100 gives results depends on the degree of pest. The effect can usually be noticed on the treated area in 3-6 weeks. Reaching full effect can take 6-8 weeks. In rooms with a high level of pests, you may need to supplement with other types of pest equipment.

The product is advantageously used together with one of the ultrasound models, the combination provides a comprehensive pest control in both houses and premises.

Topo Stop R100 has a proven effect

Random sound output at 80-100 Hz. Encapsulated and with with corrosion-protected contact. Complete with 230V / 9V transformer, 2 m cable and another 20 meter connection cable.

Topo Stop R100 can also be connected in series as required with additional Topo Stop and Mole Stop units with the same transformer (see Accessories – Extension cable 20M).

Power 3 W. CE marked.

Dimensions: Diam 105 x D60, W90 mm (with mounting bracket)

Weight: 295 g.

Proven models that have been refined and have been on the market for 25 years

Made in the EU


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