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SECURE Mouse and Rat Ultrasonic repeller


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SECURE Ultrasonic Pest repeller is a device with automatically changed and automatically sweeping high-intensity frequency range from 30,000 Hz to 65,000 Hz. The unique ATTACK WAVE circuit design hits the pest’s hearing and nervous system strongly with its intense ultrasound waves. This feature makes the device more convenient for the user as no extra attention should be paid to periodic sweep speed adjustment once you select ATTACK WAVE Ultrasonic Pest repeller.

The unit effectively protects an area up to 350-450m2 open space. After connection to a 230V socket, a small red LED lights up, the unit then works correctly. The unique test button on the back, when pressed, converts the sound into the audible area for humans, allowing control of the device’s ultrasonic output. The sharp, shocked, unregulated siren-like sound produced simulates the sound that pests constantly hear.

SECURE Ultrasonic Pest repeller is mainly effective in fighting mice, rats, other common rodents. Laboratory research has shown that ultrasonic sound waves attack the hearing and nervous systems of the most common pests that cause pain and discomfort. With 130 decibels of sound pressure, rodents will give up and move on. These high-intensity sound waves are outside the hearing range of humans and most pets such as dogs, cats, fish, birds. SECURE Ultrasonic scare will not interfere with television, radio, electronic burglar alarms, fire or smoke detectors, pacemakers, hearing aids or other electronic equipment.

You will start noticing the effects in a few days and will notice a significant difference after 3-5 weeks. You will probably notice an increase in activity during the first few weeks due to ultrasound waves that drive pests from hiding to looking for a better place. After a period, the pests disappear. After 3-5 weeks, you should be free of pests. Leave the unit switched on for pest control all year round, day and night. The power is only 1.5W .

Be careful not to place the unit on carpets, behind furniture, draperies or other soft objects as they will absorb the sound waves. Ultrasound does not pass through walls either. Do not place the device next to the ear before performing the check by switching to TEST mode on the rear panel. Do not use the device outdoors or allow the device to come into contact with water.

In cases where ultrasound is not enough, we recommend TOPO STOP R100 or VIBER which emit vibrations, if you need to install an ultrasonic scarecrow in a humid space, we recommend some of the other moisture resistant models.

  • Dimensions: 120 X 90 X 70mm
  • Weight: 160 grams
  • Voltage: Transformer, 220-240V
  • Power: 1.5W
  • Frequency: 30,000Hz to 65,000Hz (continuously variable)
  • Output sound pressure: 130dB
  • Spreading angle: 260 degrees


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