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CARS Rodent and marten ultrasonic car repeller Using flashing lights and ultrasound to protect your car from rodents feeding on cables. Connects to the car battery. Activates automatically when the vehicle’s ignition is turned off and goes into standby mode when the ignition is turned on.


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CARS Rodent and marten ultrasonic car repeller is designed to protect materials against the gnawing of rodents. It prevents damage to the wires and hoses in your car, camper van, lawnmower, tractor, etc. Some of the components used to manufacture spark plug wires, hoses and turbo hoses, are made from corn or potato starch, others from sugar cane; rodents love them.

It has been tested and demonstrated by independent laboratories. The ultrasound disrupts the hearing of rodents and puts them in a state of stress. Incapable of identifying the hazard and therefore feeling unsafe, the rodents leave the vehicle. The ultrasound makes them very uncomfortable and the frequency varies over time to prevent them growing accustomed to it.


  1. Install the device under the car bonnet. Avoid areas that get too hot (e.g. the exhaust manifold).
  2. Connect the white connector to the port on the ultrasonic rodent repeller.
  3. Connect the red wire to the positive terminal on the car battery.
  4. Connect the black wire to the negative terminal on the car battery.
  5. Use cable ties to attach the device safely to the engine compartment. Do not put the device anywhere where it could get in the way of moving parts.


  1. Press the ON/OFF button to turn the device on. The 4 LED lights flash for 2 seconds.
  2. The light in the centre flashes red rapidly for 10 seconds. The device is on.
  3. Ultrasonic repeller mode for 120 seconds: alternating ultrasound and flashes. Emission of ultrasound varying between 25 kHz and 55 kHz.
  4. Ultrasonic repeller mode for 180 seconds. The device repeats the cycles in stages 3 and 4 as long as no engine vibration is detected.


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