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PROTECTO E50 6-pack Mouse Scarecrow & Rat Scarecrow with cable, for optimal positioning


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PROTECTO E50, also called Topo Stop mini, is a mouse & rat deterrent with an optimized ultrasonic frequency, especially for rodents. The unit is best suited for pest control in spaces up to 50 m². The 1.7 m long connection cable with European connector for a 230V wall socket enables flexible placement and then optimal sound distribution.

Each unit of the PROTECTO E50 emits sloppy signals with a 4-6 second time delay. We recommend an ultrasound unit in each room.

Activity usually increases before they give up after a few weeks.

Avoid getting in the way of furniture, this limits the effect of an ultrasound unit as ultrasound does not pass through walls and furniture, so choose several units to cover all spaces. Model is perfect for rooms, furnished basements and divided side windows.

Random ultrasonic sound at 30-40 kHz, a frequency that is particularly effective against rodents!

Now in a 6-pack at a fantastic promotional price!

IP20 and CE marked

Power: 3 W

Dimensions: W 76 x D 57 x H 175 mm

Weight 250 g

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