WATERGUARD Garden protector Solar

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The nemesis of four-legged pests.


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An environmentally friendly repeller to keep dogs, cats, martens, raccoons, herons, wild animals and even uninvited human intruders off your property. Traffic hazards posed by red deer migration, birds such as herons picking your fish out of your well-groomed garden pond and cats marking their territory – all of that is now a thing of the past. The solar-powered garden sentinel has a range of up to 10 m and an angle of more than 110° to monitor an area of up to 120 m². In principle, the guard works like a lawn sprinkler system but serves to keep four- and two-legged intruders off your property and prevent them from coming back. Animal pests hate water and quickly take flight.

The repeller reduces damage, noise and odours caused by animals marking their territory and wild animals to a minimum. The animals are frightened off the property by a strong water jet and won’t come back. This repeller is made from a weatherproof housing. The repeller is fixed to the ground using the included ground spike and connected to a water source. The integrated infra-red motion sensor activates a strong water jet whose reach and intensity can be adjusted manually.

Solar-powered. The solar panel charges the included battery during operation. When positioning the device, mind the potential angle of intrusion (how an intruder would enter the monitored area). The jet should hit the intruder in the side to guarantee maximum effect against dogs, cats, martens, raccoons, birds and other wild animals.

  • Motion sensor activates strong water jet
  • Includes ground spike and water connector
  • Effective range up to 10 m and radius of 90 m²
  • Water pressure and range adjustable (2 – 6 bar)

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