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​SMARTO Pest Repeller Ultrasonic 240V or on Battery 140m² with several settings


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SMARTO Pest Repeller Ultrasonic 240V or on Battery 140m²

Keeps mice, rats, spiders, fleas, ticks and crawling insects away from your home, garage, loft, etc. by emitting ultrasonic signals.

SMARTO protected area diminishes considerably depending on the congestion in the room and the materials making up the walls, floors and ceilings.

Device for indoor use with an operating indicator light.

Simply plugs into a 220 V power socket with its 2 metre power supply cable or operates with a 9 Volt battery (battery life 100 days).

Energy consumption: 1.05 Watts.

The device has two modes:

  • Mode A: to chase away spiders, mites, fleas and other crawling insects. For best results, place the appliance 20 to 50 cm above the floor.
  • Mode B: to chase away mice. Placera apparaten mellan 5 till 60 cm över golvet. I detta läge kan man höra appraten något. All appliances are safe for humans, unborn children, dogs, cats, birds, cows, horses, sheep, chickens and reptiles.

The effectiveness is visible after one week and after 2-4 weeks the pests usually move out.

They disrupt the hearing of mice, which feel unsafe and leave the protected area after a few weeks.


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