Electronic pest control

This is how electronic mouse and rat repellers work

For the best cleaning effect, it is important to access the mice’s infrastructure in the house — corridors and nests. In this way, the rodents’ walking system is paralyzed and the mice can no longer move freely in walls, joists, in the cold wind and, where applicable, in crawl spaces. Installation of one or more ultrasound devices is then best done in the croft ground/basement or/and in the cold wind.

When installing in the living space itself with one or more devices in plugs, the degree of sanitation can sometimes be satisfactory, but you have to be prepared that the mice can then remain in the bee spaces of the house because the ultrasound does not even pass through wallpaper — not so nice! This strategy can also be expensive because you basically need a device in every/every other room.

During the so-called mouse years, when the population almost explodes, hunger can sometimes force rodents to venture into living spaces. In such circumstances, supplementation with more ultrasound devices is needed and, in extreme cases, the protection needs to be extended to also cover walls and joists (resonant device). Whether or not this type of extra installation will be needed can be easily determined with continuous monitoring, which for the holiday home means at least every 14 days.

If the mice come directly into the wall via the cover panel/board liner without passing through the basement/crawl, you probably also need to supplement with resonant sound. The same applies if the insulation in the attic is provided with insulation board or there is a floor panel on parts or the entire attic joist — stops the ultrasound…!
Electromagnetic pulse via the power lines is unfortunately not an alternative to resonant sound, as no manufacturer of such devices has succeeded in scientifically proving that the electropulse has any effect whatsoever. Furthermore, the Swedish Consumer Agency believes that the claim about the effect of the electropulse is misleading marketing and is currently banning the marketing of these devices.


Provided that the mouse repeller equipment you choose is completely modern with the latest sound technology (automatic frequency modulation, etc.), then electronic pest control is Infallible if you consider the equipments;

  1. Dimensioning (correct type and number of device/s),
  2. Placement, as well as having also read
  3. The user manual, e.g. about not using traps and poison
    in parallel with the remediation equipment — defeats the purpose because
    the bait attracts even more rodents…!

All talk of habituation in the rodents can be taken with a large pinch of salt. The pests cannot get used to MODERN electronics. If the mice come back, it is only one of the conditions 1-3 above that has not been fulfilled.

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