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TONE Mole repeller Battery


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TONE Mole repeller Battery

Repels moles and burrowing rodents.

When placed in a mole or vole tunnel, the Weitech emits sound waves which cause 125 dB vibrations in the ground. These disrupt the nervous system. Hindered in their feeding, the animals quickly change tunnels. They do not get accustomed to the repeller.

The device emits vibrations for 1 second every 5 seconds, i.e. almost 14,500 times per day.


Remove the lid and place four LR20/D batteries (not supplied).

Use a trowel to open the tunnel.

Put the device in place, ensuring that the tube is not obstructed with soil.

Place several devices according to the size of the affected area.

The waves do not propagate as well in soft soil or soil with a large number of roots.


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