ELIMINATOR Vole and Mole Trap

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ELIMINATOR Vole and Mole Trap


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Due to its simple and safe use, the trap is quickly ready for use.

The position of the handle allows you to immediately sow if it is a catch without having to dig in the ground.

Mole and vole trap ELIMINATOR is a product that is robust and will last a long time.

Gnawed vegetables and roots, a favorite among voles and wavy lawns are soon a thing of the past. Like a deceiving predator, this trap is stuck in the ground to catch the vulture when it is touched with a gentle movement and an enormous impact force. As soon as it touches the fork, it snaps the trap again, which can be seen from the position of the handle on the striking bow. With this innovative trap, you do not have to dig into the ground to check if the trap has been triggered or not. The trap is easy to handle and quickly ready to use thanks to the innovative plexiglass protection. This also prevents the trap from filling with soil when it is closed.

Sorkt tunnels, like moles, go underground. But they are usually no deeper than 5 cm and cause crusts and mounds to rise. Compared to a mole tunnel, the latter is usually deeper and the mounds are higher than in voles.

Sork will quickly cover an exposed tunnel while moles tend to dig a new one underneath. This is how you can distinguish between the tunnels for voles and moles.

Vole has a very nice nose. Always wear gloves to protect against odors. Always wear gloves to protect against odors.

Before you put the snork trap in the upper hole in the tunnel recess, you can use a piece of apple, radish or carrot in the hole as bait. Activate the trap by pulling out the red handle (striking bow) and covering the transparent tunnel with grass and soil.

Take a look at the trap at least twice a day. The successful catch is indicated by the retracted bow.

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