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​SONIC Vole and mole repellent disturbs the animals in the ground


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SONIC Vole and mole repeller repel pests in an animal-friendly manner over an area of up to 800 m2.

The sound waves are in a frequency range that is barely perceptible to the human ear.

This natural way of repelling animals does not require the use of chemicals or poisons.

The repellent is simply inserted into the ground at the desired location.

Powered by 4 LR20/D batteries (not included), enables flexible use. Batteries usually last 3-5 months.

Moles and voles can cause a lot of damage in the garden. With the SONIC vole and mole stick, this can now end – and all without chemicals and toxins. The repellent works with low-frequency sound waves, which are barely perceptible to the human ear. However, the pests perceive the sounds as extremely annoying and thus leave the area. They don’t come back with a long-term use. The battery-operated device works without cables and can therefore be used flexibly. In addition, the high-quality aluminum housing is particularly robust and weatherproof, which makes the deterrent a long-lasting product.

In optimal conditions – hard ground, open space – the device has an effective area of up to 800 m2. Soft, loose soil (such as in flowerbeds) shortens the effective area, as the sound waves are not transmitted as far. In this case, or for larger surfaces, it is advisable to use several devices at the same time. . Once the tunnels have been found and the batteries inserted, the repellent only needs to be put in the ground at the desired location and it is immediately ready for use and a mole-free area. Place the SONIC next to the animal’s tunnel, not directly into it, as this is the only way to ensure maximum range.

The use of the SONIC vole and mole repellent disturbs the animals and they try to fight against it – by digging more. More molehills than before may appear for several days. If the device remains in operation, the animals give up after a few weeks and flee.

The use of devices to drive away uninvited guests is the animal-friendly option of pest control and an ideal solution for everyone who deliberately wants to avoid the use of chemicals and poisons. It protects your property, but nature and animals as well.

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