OWL Scarecrow, owl with moving head

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Detailed imitation owl with bobblehead helps scare away magpies, ‘fruit robbers’, crows, ravens, and pigeons. With a metal spring that makes the head move in the wind in a natural way.


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Ideal for terrace, garden or balcony, can be filled with sand or gravel for better stability.

If the ‘fruit robbers’ come and cherry-pick the best fruit, then there will be trouble, as nothing is more disappointing than the loss of ripe fruit. At least flying ‘fruit robbers’ can be deterred with this detailed owl imitation.

The natural movement of the head in the wind also frightens away other unwanted visitors who fear this bird of prey, such as magpies, crows, and pigeons. In order to enable sufficient movement, the product includes a plastic plate that can be attached to the back of the head to increase surface area for the wind.

Enjoy your garden in peace .

The owl is a lifelike replica and is suitable not only as a bird repellent, but also great as a decoration for the terrace, the garden, and the balcony.

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