Electronic pest control

This is how electronic snake repellers work

Like the subterranean animals with poor eyesight, snakes have been gifted with very good hearing and sensitivity to ground vibrations. Therefore, these animals move out to avoid danger when penetrating sound vibration is created. This can be created either through ultrasonic devices or vibration devices.

Don’t expect instant results. The devices must be used continuously and for a longer period of time, so it is important to have the device running, so check the batteries often and carry out battery replacements immediately if necessary. Otherwise, the animals will quickly return if they remain in the immediate area. Usually, the animals have left a few weeks after installation. Continue to use the devices even after the animals have left to prevent their return.

In cases where the animals return, it is because the dimensioning is inadequate, or that there are too long intervals between inevitable battery changes. It is always good to use several devices to screen off the surface that you want to keep free of snakes.

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