FENSO Garden protector with flash 200m²

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Scares away dogs, cats, foxes, rabbits, martens, deer, deer, badgers, wild boar etc. using ultrasound and LED flashes activated by a motion detector.


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When an animal approaches, an infrared movement detector triggers ultrasonic emissions which frighten the animal and drive it away. The flash makes the device considerably more effective.

  • Protects a maximum area of 200 m².
  • Detection angles: 90° over a maximum distance of +/- 16 m.
  • Works with four “D” (LR20) batteries or on the mains via the WKT052/WKT052-OUT adapter (optional accessory, buy separatly).
  • Withstands rain, snow, etc.
  • Battery life depends on the number of activations and whether or not the flash is used. Up to 5000 activations with good-quality batteries.
  • 7 adjustable ultrasound frequencies. (14.3 to 25 KHz)
  • Acoustic pressure 106 dB
  • New design.

Instructions for use:
Place the device at a height of between 10 and 80 cm depending on the targeted animal. Adjust the frequency. Do not place the device where vehicles and people move around or in an area congested with obstacles. Ensure that other people’s property and common areas are kept clean and tidy.

Please observe the recommendations shown on the instructions for use. Some frequencies are detectable by the human ear. Do not place adjacent to public areas or neighbouring properties.


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