OWLTRA® Electronic Rat Trap with battery operation

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This advanced trap offers a safe and effective solution for eliminating rats indoors. With its high-voltage shock and smart technology, you can get rid of rats in no time and secure your home or business.

  • Eliminates mice quickly and humanely with an electric shock
  • Removes up to 60 rats per set of 4 C batteries
  • Quick-Zap system for guaranteed elimination
  • Advanced safety system (Safe for children and pets)
  • Magnetic locks for easy cleaning
  • For indoor use only


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Get rid of rats quickly and humanely with the OWLTRA Electronic Rat Trap! This trap uses high voltage shock to effectively eliminate rats indoors. With a single set of 4 C batteries, you can get rid of up to 60 rats. It is the perfect solution for dealing with a large population of rodents.

The OWLTRA Electronic Rat Trap has a Quick-Zap function that ensures a quick and reliable elimination of rats. Its advanced sensors only activate the trap when it detects a rat, reducing the risk of false activations and protecting children and small pets.

The trap is equipped with magnetic buckles that make cleaning simple and easy. You never have to touch or see the dead rodents. At the touch of a button, you can remove the lid and empty the trap into the bin. OWLTRA is automatically deactivated when the lid is removed, making cleaning safe and convenient.

A built-in LED light gives you clear feedback when the job is done. When the light flashes green, you know it’s time to empty the trap, so you don’t have to check it manually. In addition, the red flashing light indicates that the batteries need to be replaced.

This OWLTRA Electronic Rat Trap is specially designed for indoor use and can be placed anywhere in your home or business. It is a safe and effective solution that does not require the use of poisons or chemicals. With its dual infrared sensors, it ensures that rats cannot escape while protecting children and pets.

To attract rats to the trap, place a small amount of bait at the back of the trap. Grazing with high protein content, such as peanut butter, is recommended. Follow the instructions and pictures to place the bait correctly and avoid the trap not working properly or the bait being eaten without catching the rats.

The OWLTRA Electronic Rat Trap is the ultimate solution for controlling rats indoors in a humane and effective way. Be sure to follow the instructions to ensure optimal performance and results.

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